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How does a same sex ceremony work? I mean, is it weird that a groom be given away?  Can grooms have bridesmaids?  These are some questions I get asked often.

This is where I give same sex couples the exact same advice I give to every couple.  It’s about you.  Most people have this notion of a ‘standard’ or ‘traditional’ ceremony and that certain things need to, or should happen, but what if I told you yes!  Two grooms can have bridesmaids if they want.  That you can both be given away, or both make your own entrance, or enter together as a couple.  
Just take stop and take a breath… think about what’s important to you as a couple.  

There are very few things needed to make a union between two people.  Firstly, you need two people, and then you need a celebrant.  
Same sex couples can have two witnesses, for other couples it is essential.  

So really consider what is important to you, and then do that.  Because then it will be the best day ever!

words by: Evie Teasdale Marriage Celebrant